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NeoData is a multi-user data system for Neonatology designed to assist in daily patient management from admission through discharge and to produce major NICU patient documentation, including:

  • Admission summaries;
  • Progress notes;
  • Discharge summaries;
  • Report sheets for rounds;
  • TPN and other fluid orders.

In the process, a broad range of clinical information is captured and available for data reports and analysis.

The NeoData program runs on standard computer hardware using the Windows Vista, Windows 7, or Windows 8 operating systems. It is designed for use over a network to accommodate multiple data entry workstations, and can use either a Microsoft Access or Microsoft SQL Server database.

All aspects of the system are designed to be used directly by the NICU medical team on workstations located in the NICU area without the intervention of any clerical or research support staff unless desired. Documents are printed immediately upon completion of data entry, signed, and placed in the patient chart. These tasks are performed as part of the daily patient care routine, in precisely the same manner as if notes were handwritten. This approach requires no dictation or filling out of paper forms. The NeoData system provides a number of benefits, including:

  • Increased legibility;
  • Consistent terminology and document format;
  • Improved tracking of patient data and management plans;
  • Data analysis using the built-in Query and Report module.
  • Significant time savings.

Target User Group:  NeoData is intended for use by neonatologists, neonatal nurse practitioners, and house officers in neonatal care units of any size.

Customization:  NeoData is designed to work your way; most of the program's features, data entry screens, and documents can configured to suit your needs. See Product Information for more details.

Visión General de NeoData en Español (92k PDF file)


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