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Pricing and Ordering Isoprime Corporation

Pricing for a NeoData software license is based on the maximum daily patient census expected in your NICU rather than the number of users or the number of computers running the program.


Maximum Daily Census
License Fee
Maintenance Fee
Up To 15 Patients Per Day:
Up To 25 Patients Per Day:
Up To 45 Patients Per Day:

Note that you will need a license for the maximum number of patients expected on any given day. Each license allows use of the program on an unlimited number of workstations in and around a single NICU, and includes a Maintenance Agreement which provides software upgrades as well as technical support via phone, Email, or Fax. The first 12 months of maintenance and support are included in the initial license fee; thereafter, you will be billed on an annual basis for the amount of the maintenance fee shown in the above table. Multiple Site Licensing: If your organization operates multiple NICU's, contact Isoprime to discuss special pricing arrangements.

The price for the HL7 Interface Module is a License Fee of $8,500 and Maintenance Fee of $1,275. This allows use of the module for one NICU on one test server and one production server.

To purchase a license, your organization and Isoprime will need to sign a license agreement. Please contact Isoprime to receive a draft agreement and to discuss any questions you may have.



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