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Hospital Interfaces

Clinical data can be entered into NNM through easy-to-use data entry screens.  Data can also be collected through the NNM HL7 interface.  This interface can receive data from other hospital systems, in the industry-standard HL7 format, and load that data into the NNM database.

The interface includes functions that receive the HL7 transactions, send acknowledgements that the transactions have been received, validate the transactions, and load the accepted transactions into the database.  For example, NNM can receive HL7 transactions from the hospital’s Admission-Discharge-Transfer (ADT) system to accept patient data for both the infant and mother.  NNM can also receive lab data from the hospital’s Laboratory system and eliminate the need for manual entry of most labs.  Finally, NNM can receive data from vitals monitors and other devices that have the capability to send their data via HL7 transactions.

Data received by the HL7 interface can be used directly for patient documentation and can be augmented manually with additional data that has not been collected by any other clinical system. 

Nursing flowsheets and any clinical notes written in NNM can be transmitted to the hospital document management system also via the HL7 interface.

The NNM HL7 interface is provided and supported directly by Isoprime.  Isoprime can also provide extensive implementation assistance on the HL7 interface to customize it to each hospital’s unique data requirements.  The result is the benefit of working with just one vendor for the NICU software, interfaces, and implementation support.


Vermont Oxford Interface

The Vermont Oxford Network (VON) is a collaboration of more the 1,200 hospital NICUs working to improve neonatal care around the world with data-driven quality improvement and research.  A critical component of that work is to collect de-identified patient data from each member of the network.

To help facilitate that effort for NNM users, the NNM VON Interface module can be used to export de-identified patient information to the Vermont Oxford Network’s eNICQ data entry software.   The VON eNICQ software is then used to finalize the data and transmit the data to VON.

The NNM VON Interface identifies the eligible patients, enrolls those patients into VON’s eNICQ database and then extracts all applicable data from the NNM database into the eNICQ database.

This tool can save a significant amount of time for the hospital’s VON administrator.






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