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Neonatal Notes Manager (NNM) is an innovative software tool used to support the patient documentation needs of a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.  It combines comprehensive clinical data with a powerful database and a friendly graphical user interface to assemble patient documentation – all guided by individualized user preferences and templates.  NNM is a multi-discipline tool which can be used by any clinician or consultant treating NICU patients.  It was designed by and for clinicians working in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.

The Nursing Module is the core of Neonatal Notes Manager.  It can be used to track the hour-by-hour activities of nursing care. Typical flowsheet data such as IVs, vitals, monitors, intake, output, assessments, nursing care, wound/line care, environment, parent interactions, cardio-respiratory events, and O2 therapy can be tracked.  The nursing flowsheet is fully user-customizable.  Selection options are determined by the user and data fields can be added or removed from the flowsheet as needed at your site.

As an additional option, links are provided to Isoprime’s market-leading NeoData physician note generation tool so that nursing data can be used directly for the generation of physician notes in NeoData.

Neonatal Notes Manager significantly reduces the time required to collect data and develop patient notes.  Data can be entered using the intuitive data entry screens or loaded automatically through the HL7 interface. The resulting notes are clear, complete and legible.  NNM recognizes that each practitioner has their own style and level of detail for developing notes and accommodates those differences.  However, the previous work done by other staff members is easily incorporated into the current notes to eliminate duplicate work.

Data collected by Neonatal Notes Manager is used to generate patient documents such as admission notes, nursing flow sheets, daily progress notes and discharge summaries. Letters and reports are also generated to communicate patient status to third-parties, to generate daily sign-out sheets, to generate patient bills, and to act as a source for clinical research.

NNM can also be used to plan and track the tasks associated with the ongoing management and discharge of the patient – and helps ensure that critical tasks are not missed. Reminders to complete any type of task (hearing tests, eye exams, immunizations, parental education, state-mandated reporting, etc.) can be created and tracked in NNM. These reminders can be entered manually or created automatically based on rules established by the NNM user. Through the reminder generation function, a discharge plan can be automatically created based on the clinical status of the patient on admission, and is constantly updated as the status of the patient changes.

In sum, the benefits of Neonatal Notes Manager include:

NNM operates on a Microsoft Windows platform. A Microsoft Windows network is required, comprised of a server running Windows 2003 Server or above, with Microsoft’s SQL Server as the database engine. Client PCs need to run Windows 7 or above.

While NNM is an outstanding base for managing the data for NICU patients, Isoprime Corporation recognizes that each customer has unique requirements.   As a result, Isoprime offers customization services to modify or add capabilities of NNM to best meet their unique needs.

Download Product Brochure (860k PDF file)

Download Complete System Overview ( 59k MS Word .doc)

For pricing information, or to arrange for an online demonstration, please contact us at or 630-737-0964.


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