At Isoprime our primary focus is the NICU.  

Our mission, for over 20 years, has been to make your documentation and research tasks easier so you can focus on patient care.

Our Core Products

Our product portfolio is based on two core products.  NeoData is our physician product, and our NICU Nursing Module (NNM) is our electronic nursing flowsheet.

Both of these products interact with other hospital systems using our HL7 Interface.  This eliminates time-consuming, error-prone data entry, and ensure that your documentation makes it into the main hospital EMR. 

NeoData and NNM both feature robust query and reporting modules to allow you to do advanced data analysis and extract for research and clinical quality measures.

Meet Our Team

Isoprime Corporation is a specialized computer software firm located in the western suburbs of Chicago. We focus on healthcare software and are the market leader in NICU physician documentation systems. 

Learn more about our company and our team on our About Us page.

Have Any Questions?

Reach out to us to find out how we can help you.

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