NeoData Customization

Every NICU is a little bit different, and so is each instance of NeoData.  NeoData is highly user-customizable, allowing administrators to change the way NeoData looks and functions to accommodate your workflow and your unique NICU. 

Data Tracking: NeoData allows you to add or remove data points from each and every screen.  

Need to track a new chemistry value?  Using a new scoring tool?  Tracking new studies or perinatal history?  No problem  – NeoData will allow you to add these data points to the screen and begin tracking them in mere minutes.

Reporting: Your daily notes (admission, progress, discharge) are highly customizable, as are the report sheets used for turnover. 

Want to rearrange the order of information?  Need to add new data points?  Change font/format/layout?  Add barcodes or imprint areas?  All of those are user-configurable.  

Screen Layout: You can re-arrange, re-organize, create and remove screens in NeoData to organize the data the way you want it.  

Customize the current patient list, each data screen, each and every dropdown, color schemes, and more

List Configuration: Every selection list in NeoData is user-customizable.  Add/Remove entries; change our default entries, or make brand new lists altogether.  

Behavior: NeoData has literally hundreds of configuration options to allow you to tweak the way NeoData behaves in so many different ways.

Even with all of these customization options NeoData may still not work quite how you want.  In this case we offer customization services on a per-hour basis.  If you have a feature in mind and want a cost estimate on building it out reach out to our sales team and they can work with you on pricing.

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