NeoData Queries

NeoData includes a powerful and flexible Query and Reports Module which allows you to rapidly create a variety of user-defined queries (data searches) and reports (formatted and customized printouts of query results).  With this feature, you can review and analyze patient information stored in the NeoData database directly from within the program.  Once configured, queries can be stored for repeated use.

In addition, queries can be exported to Microsoft Access for outside analysis.

There are different types of reports that can be produced by the Query Module

Spreadsheet Report: A Spreadsheet report creates a vertical list of patients or admissions with information for a single patient displayed on each line.

Statistics Report: In a statistics report, each cell in the report table displays statistical information pertaining to the patients or admissions.  A typical example would be a crosstabulation of admission outcomes versus birth weight ranges.

Multiline Report: Like a Spreadsheet Report, a Multiline report creates a vertical list of the patients or admissions, however, the information for each patient or admission can include one or more subreports containing supplemental information such as medications, lab results, diagnoses, procedures, and more.


The NeoData help built into the system has extensive documentation on how to use the query and reports module, and NeoData ships with a number of example reports, but some users still want more training.

We expect that the class will take about 8 hours to complete depending on the student’s expertise in NeoData and their experience with other report writers.  However, the student should be able to generate a simple spreadsheet report after about 3 hours of the video training.

The cost for this class is $750 per site.  This will entitle a site to download the videos and class outline and use them for an unlimited number of students for an unlimited length of time.

For those who want to get deeper into the query and reporting module, or want more sophisticated training this is the way to go.  Contact Us to order.

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