NNM Interfaces

NNM can communicate easily with other hospital systems. The NNM HL7 Interface can be used to receive admission data, labs, and monitor data. The interface can also send notes and flowsheets back to the hospital system.

The NNM HL7 Module is an optional add-on component to NNM.  For more information on costs please see our Pricing & Ordering page.

Admissions (ADT)

The admissions (ADT) interface is able to receive basic admission and maternal data from the central hospital system.  

When an admission comes in from the hospital system is is available to the user for import on the New Patient or Quick Admission screen.


The Labs interface is able to receive chemistry labs from the central hospital system. 

Any chemistry value that is tracked in NNM can be received by the interface (currently imaging and micro labs cannot be received through the interface).


The Monitors interface can receive data from monitors for existing patients and convert it into a format that can be copied into the NNM Nursing Flowsheet.   Typically this would be data such as blood pressure, heart rate, O2 Sat, etc.


The NNM HL7 Interface provides a means to send the text of a Patient Note, Flowsheet, or Care Plan directly to the hospital system, either as a draft or signed, authenticated document.

Other HL7

New interfaces are being constantly developed.  If you require an HL7 Interface that you don’t see here contact us for a a development estimate.

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